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con·tent cre·a·tor (/kənˈtent//krēˈādər/): the contribution of information to any media and most especially to digital media for an end-user/audience in specific contexts. Content is "something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing or any of various arts" for self-expression, distribution, marketing and/or publication.

Content creator is one of those phrases that is thrown around a lot these days, especially in social media. It's true that any time you create new content, in any medium, it's "content creation". When I do graphic design and branding work for my clients, that is content creation. When I create remixes, that is content creation. And so on. I created this page specifically to showcase a couple of unique projects that I am proud of. One is a Notorious B.I.G. Instagram Live special that I produced and the other is a contest collaboration that I did with musician, poet, activist, documentarian, and singer-songwriter, Michael Franti.

  • My EDIAC X Biggie Instagram Live show was picked up by a massive amount of hip-hip and lifestyle media outlets including The Source, Okay Player, Essense, Complex, Vlad TV, Hip-Hop Lately, Hype Beast, High Snobriety, Uproxx, Brooklyn Vegan, Hiphop-N-More, HopHop DX, NME, and others
“Wooo I’ve never heard this [song] before!

– Statik Selektah On Air (referring to “EDIAC X Biggie”)

Every Day is a Canvas X Biggie

When we ended up in quarantine in early 2020, I decided it was the right time to curate a Biggie rarities show. I began planning out my very first Instagram Live show, where I would be opening my Biggie vault and playing 2 hours of rare demos, freestyles, remixes and alternate tracks. I curated 30+ of my rare tracks chronologically, starting with Biggie rapping at 16 years old and ending with his final radio freestyle in L.A., just days before his murder. 

The month prior, I had sent an unreleased Biggie verse to friend and legendary producer Statik Selektah who remixed it and gave me a thank you on his Instagram. The clip was viewed over 50k times and picked up by top music media outlets.


A Collab for a Cause

EDIAC X Franti

In 2019, the annual Levitate Music and Arts Festival brought Michael Franti to my hometown in Massachusetts. Franti’s energetic and inspiring set resonated with me and as I always do, I took a lot of photos at the show. Shortly thereafter, I discovered Franti’s non-profit, Do it For the Love, whose mission is to inspire hope and healing through the power of music by supporting clinical and community-based music therapy, evidence-based research, and providing live music experiences.

Photo by Joe Lyons. Levitate Festival 2019, Marshfield, MA

I decided to use one of my photos seen here as a limited edition project to help raise awareness for this great organization. I started with the photo of Franti holding his guitar ‘Mama Brown’ named after his Grandma. From there I created a digital print that was 1/1. The before and after here shows the photos and the digital print. (use your mouse or finger to slide the divider to see)

A couple month’s later, when he was back in town, I met up with Franti at the House of Blue’s in Boston to add our signatures to the print, and prepared an Instagram giveaway.

The giveaway showed Franti and I holding the limited edition print and encouraged entrants to follow the Do It For The Love Instagram Page The giveaway contest lasted 30 days and we had a good turnout. On December 5th, 2019, I randomly announced the winner on IG Live.

And The Winner is....

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