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pho·tog·ra·pher (/fəˈtäɡrəfər/): One who practices photography especially : one who makes a business of taking photographs.

I've been taking photos as long as I can remember. Shooting on a Kodak Instamatic, a disposable camera, a 35MM Olympus camera, a Nikon D60 and every flip phone and iPhone camera going back to 2001. There have been many situations at Spin350 where I will go onsite and take photos for a client. Marketing photos that I typically use on their websites. There are times when I shoot for pleasure and most times of all, I am shooting anything and everything around me that captures my attention.

  • My photos have been published in print magazines including HoodGrown and BostonMan
  • I've sold my photos to private collectors in 2 different gallery shows
  • I've shot musician album covers that have been seen on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Pandora, YouTube and more 

My Photography Has Been Seen In/On/At

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Naples Pier, Naples Florida. By Joe Lyons

Louie Bello Covers

Louie Bello is the singer / songwriter  and Boston award winner who can be seen on venues around the country from Boston to Texas. Louie has written and performed with dozens of National Recording Artists and he is the writer and performer of the title song for the ESPN documentary, PUSH. He has performed at music festivals including Boston Fest Red Gorilla Festival, SXSW, Phantom Gourmet’s Summer BBQ and his songs are placed on major networks such as VH1-The Kardashians, ABC-Lincoln Heights.

Since 2018, I’ve done multiple photoshoots with Louie and even directed one of his music videos. One of our favorite places to shoot is both inside and outside at my design studio. The studio is in an old factory and the surrounding property has amazing backdrops that are rusty and industrial. I also like to capture candid shots of Louie while he’s performing. The photos that I’ve taken of Louie have ended up as the covers of his songs “Hello” and “Worth It”

Fridays Are For iPhones

Many Fridays are crazy busy at the Spin350 Design Studio so I made a plan back in 2019 to dedicate Fridays to posting images from my iPhone. #fridayiphonephotos features my iPhone photography body of work dating back to my iPhone 4. I currently shoot with the 12 Pro Max and I don’t think I’ll ever use my Nikon D60 again. There isn’t anything that my iPhone can’t do that my DSLR can’t.

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