I don’t know if what I’m describing can be accomplished with a Mega Menu or a Loop Builder or neither or something else. Essentially this is meant to be a single landing page that allows you to go to other links from one central spot. This site is the closest example that I can find  but it doesn’t do all of the things I would want…

Here is what I want the site to be able to do:

  • Full page Grid that features clickable boxes that will navigate to different pages on different sites
  • These boxes will be built separately as posts or widgets that feed into this page so that as I create news, I can use “Post Types Order” to put these into the order that I want by dragging and dropping.
  • The ability to have background video if I want, like above examples do.
  • Each box needs the ability to have different content layout as some will be graphic heavy, some will have video, some will have more text etc. We can determine a set amount of layouts and I’d use those to populate everything. I’d say 3-4 different layouts.
  • I want to be able to portfolio sort the grid items so that for example, someone could click “AWARDS” and the boxes that link to awards would appear at the top. It would be even cooler if the boxes sorted by the results at the top but the rest of the boxes were still there as well. Meaning, clicking “PRESS” would not simply make anything not tagged Press go away, but instead it would make them appear after the press items.
  • Some of these would be static boxes with just a photo or text and not be clickable. i.e. maybe I want a statistic on one that is just white text on a black box similar to how I did “Influencer Marketing” on the bottom grid of this page 
  • On mobile layout I’d want the grid to be 2 columns like on the Grundini example.

Jesus Music Video

Official Peachtree Village International Film Festival

Speaking at Apple

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